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I always believed in the saying, “Health is Wealth”. Do you agree with me folks? If you have to choose what you want, millions of money but sick or having good health always? Health can’t be bought with money so I rather choose to be healthy all the time. Of course, we need money to buy all the things we need and we want. Whether it is electronics, entertainment, grocery stuffs, women’s or men’s fashion, sports and outdoor goods or maybe health and beauty products, we need money for all of these.  (more…)


Have You Heard of Sherman Oaks California

Hello everybody! After sometime, I am finally back here! How are you doing folks? Anything new? So far, so good for me! Things are doing well and I am happy and contented with it. I hope for everyone too!

I miss traveling again. After a long vacation I have, I am back to reality for almost two months now. Honestly, I miss traveling again. There are some places that I wish to travel again. I would like to include sherman oaks california in my list. This time, I would love to visit this place to do some window shopping for musical instruments. It is actually not for me but for a friend who is a musician and love to play any musical instruments. (more…)


Can’t Wait for the Next Travel Full of Fun, Party and Karaoke Singing

I can’t wait to travel again! The baggage are partially packed and this weekend I will be finalizing everything for the next adventure. There is no better way to spend a long vacation in a country with sunshine everyday, blue sky, white beaches, palm trees and coconuts, exotic foods, seafood and what else?

This vacation in Asia is about to commence. Wherever I go in this planet, Asia and most especially Philippines is still the best. I miss having fun with family, friends, classmates and schoolmates. Hopefully this time, I can meet some blogger friends too. (more…)


Alternatives to Diagnostics to Fit Your Particular Patient Needs

More healthcare centers are coming to realize that patients are different in their needs and preferences. What works for one patient may be ill-suited and impractical for another. Because your own needs and wants may be markedly different than other patients in the facility, you may find it better to switch to a center that can accommodate your unique preferences. You can find out more about options like an open MRI in Jersey and other medical services that let you feel in control and comfortable during your diagnostic care.

Why Open MRIs

Many patients dread getting an MRI done because they fear being put inside an enclosed diagnostic machine. They feel like they are trapped and that the walls of the machine are closing in on them. This claustrophobia can result in the patient panicking and moving while the test is being conducted. Because it is critical that patients lie still and remain calm during the test, more centers are using the open diagnostic machine that lets people remain out in the open instead of lying in a narrow tube. They can have their tests done without the panic and fear that goes along with traditional MRI methods. (more…)


A Musical Instrument is a Unique Gift

Looking for a unique gift for a dear friend, brother, sister or any special person who loves to play musical instruments? These gadgets can be an awesome present  to them. I remember some friends who are member of a band until now. In fact, one of these friends of mine is now an owner and player of his band. I am so happy after hearing that. Finally, his dream of owning a band came true. (more…)


Searching for Outdoor Gadgets for the Next Adventure

First of all, I wish to greet everyone a happy Easter season! I hope you are all having a wonderful time with your family and friends. Euroblog.Payu2.03.2016.STX16BPSDLEPN-main.

I just got back from my recent travels in Central Europe. I am very grateful to come back home safely and healthy. It was again another awesome experiences visiting some places in Slovenia like its capital city of Ljubljana, Maribor and Celje. I also had the chance to visit Bruck an der Mur, a city in Austria. (more…)


Miss the Fun and Music in a German Fasching or Carnival

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Three Kings, Fasching or Carnival…what else did I miss folks? I know, I am missing a lot of things since I started working. Life is sometimes not so easy especially if you are working hard for future plans and current projects. I am happy that I am slowly getting ready for the future…in God’s will!

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying 2016, and so do I! One of the things I miss recently was witnessing the Fasching or carnival celebration in Germany. I believed you had already watched some carnival events anywhere and you have some ideas on what is going on during the celebration. (more…)


The Musical Family in New York

Since Christmas is celebrated everyday (to my belief) , let me greet everyone a joyful Christmas! I hope you had a lovely celebration especially during the Christmas Eve. During this season of the year, family gathered together to celebrate the biggest festival in honor of the Nativity of Jesus. It is always a wonderful feeling being with the whole family celebrating the holiday season.

So far, I cannot complain with it but I just wish that I am also with my family back in my home country. Anyway, I am still happy and contented celebrating Christmas in a simple but joyful way. (more…)


Shopping for Winter Clothing and Accessories

Hello December! How was your first two days of the month? I hope everything is doing great! So far, I am happy for the coming of this month. I am just grateful since I started a new better job since yesterday. Indeed, a wonderful early Christmas present!

Anyway, this is the time of the year in this part of the globe where the season gets colder everyday. Yes, it is winter season and I am not really afraid of it. In short, I am ready for winter! (more…)


Three Strategies That Can Make You A Healthier Person

Although most people want to be healthy, they oftentimes lack the information or resolve to make it happen. If you’re interested in attaining optimal wellness in order to lead a better life, you should know that the advice and instructions outlined below can help you realize your health objectives:

1. Embrace Natural Healing Methods.

As you get on the path to greater health, you will need to acknowledge and heal any existing diseases that you have. While using synthetic medicine can help, many people have found that natural healing methods are a safer, more effective way to alleviate symptoms and cure illnesses. With that idea in mind, you may want to consider pursuing natural healing methods such as medical acupuncture. Medical professionals such as Dr. Bryan MD specialize in this form of treatment. Dr Bryan has been successful in alleviating pain associated with the following conditions: (more…)



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