My Dream Motorhome RV Camper

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Do you have  dreams and wishes in life?, I have the same! Call me crazy or ambitious but one of dreams is to own a Motorhome RV Camper. Yes, I really wanted one and I hope one day, I will  drive my own RV.

The past weeks, I have been talking to a colleague who is a retired US Army. He mentioned to me that  if ever he will  have his social security retirement, all he wanted is a Motorhome RV Camper so that he can drive and travel the whole of United States of America.  Not really a bad idea and I wanted the same!

Traveling is one of my passions. So far, I have been to over 40 countries  and over 200 cities and places in 4 continents. I love traveling and I dream of  driving a Motorhome RV Camper to travel the whole world.  I believed   there is nothing impossible only if you aim and work hard for your dreams.

The past months, I  was browsing online to search for a car or vehicle to be converted  as a  perfect RV. I stumbled at    while searching in internet. They really have a lot of choices in terms of cars or any vehicles, used or brand new.  I was searching for a  van or pick-up that can be turned into an RV. I already saw a lot of people turning a van or truck into a motorhome RV camper. Not really a bad idea especially if  you want to save money.

I saw some affordable used pick-ups at which are perfect to be converted into an RV. Just some DIY work and you can already have your dream motorhome.  Hopefully in less than 5 years, I can  already  have my dream car which is  a Motorhome RV camper to explore our beautiful planet.  I want to visit again if ever, my plan will materialize.

How about you, what is your greatest dream?


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