Alternatives to Diagnostics to Fit Your Particular Patient Needs

More healthcare centers are coming to realize that patients are different in their needs and preferences. What works for one patient may be ill-suited and impractical for another. Because your own needs and wants may be markedly different than other patients in the facility, you may find it better to switch to a center that can accommodate your unique preferences. You can find out more about options like an open MRI in Jersey and other medical services that let you feel in control and comfortable during your diagnostic care.

Why Open MRIs

Many patients dread getting an MRI done because they fear being put inside an enclosed diagnostic machine. They feel like they are trapped and that the walls of the machine are closing in on them. This claustrophobia can result in the patient panicking and moving while the test is being conducted. Because it is critical that patients lie still and remain calm during the test, more centers are using the open diagnostic machine that lets people remain out in the open instead of lying in a narrow tube. They can have their tests done without the panic and fear that goes along with traditional MRI methods.

Likewise, this alternative allows patients of all sizes and girths to undergo critical tests needed to diagnose them with illnesses like kidney disease, tumors, cancer, and more. People who are larger in size may not be able to fit inside a regular MRI machine. More drastic measures might have to be taken to diagnose and treat them. This open option allows doctors to test more patients and also start caring for people who may need treatment immediately. You can find out more about this option when you go online to the facility’s website.

Finding Out More

When you are interested in this option, you may want to call or email the facility that offers it. You can use the contact link at the top of the facility’s page. You can also use the blog to read more about open MRIs.

When you are established as a patient there, you can use the patient portal to help manage your care. The portal could be the location where you input your contact details, insurance information, and other details that the doctor needs to know.

Traditional MRIs can cause claustrophobia. You can feel calm with an open diagnostic test.


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