Getting It Right the First Time: Elisa Autoimmune Tests

Autoimmune disorders can be some of the most puzzling conditions to diagnose. Many mimic other diseases and arriving at the correct diagnosis can be frustrating for the patient and the medical practitioner.

The good new is that elisa test kits offered by Diagnostic Automation and similar companies are the first line in arriving at the right diagnosis. Once the autoimmune condition is identified, treatment begins.

These rapid tests deliver results in an hour or two and are very reliable. No single test can identify specific autoimmune disorders, so there are several available. Most tests work by identifying specific antibodies associated with autoimmune diseases. There are more than 20 different Elisa tests available for autoimmune disorders alone.

Specific kits can help diagnose autoimmune diseases such as lupus erythematosus and scleroderma, two conditions that wreak havoc on many of the body’s organs—skin, liver, vascular system, kidneys, gastrointestinal tracts and central nervous system. There are also kits that help identify celiac disease by way of specific antibodies associated the condition.

The kits are favorites among medical practitioners because of their speed, reliability and user friendliness, the last a big factor in arriving at the right diagnosis. Quality documentation and directions spell out the required procedures all the way from collecting specimens to interpreting the results.

In the case of lupus and lupus-like disorders, multiple organs may be affected. Damaged organs produce distinctive antibodies that are good markers when trying to pin down a disease’s identity. Tests that are easy to use and easy to interpret are mainstays in making the right diagnosis.

The beauty of these test kits is the speed in which a diagnosis can be made. Once the correct condition is identified, treatment can begin immediately, helping minimize further damage to internal organs under assault by the very body that houses them.

Getting the right diagnosis within a hour or two may mean all the difference in the world to a patient suffering from one of these baffling and frustrating diseases.


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