Cooking Pinoy Bistek or Filipino Beefsteak

It is time to visit my kitchen again. I am the chef at home and I am always the one who prepares and cooks food. I did not really go to a culinary school to learn cooking but I learned it at home during my early age. In fact, I already started to cook when I was in first grade. Thanks to my dearest Mother who taught me some cooking when I was young. I hope one day, I will open my own restaurant..haha!

I want my Beefsteak a bit dry (I mean not floating on a  sauce)  but juicy and yummy. So this is how it looks the last time I cooked it.

This time, let me try to share this very delicious Filipino dish. This is called Pinoy Bistek, a Filipino version of beefsteak. Others call it Tagalog Bistek but since it is prepared in my kitchen, I will call it Euroblog’s Bistek. How about  that? 

It is comprised of thinly sliced beef cooked in soy sauce and lemon juice and garnished with  onion rings. I  actually did not cut the onions into rings as you can see in the photo here. In order to add more taste and color, I added some onion leaves and red pepper in it. This simple yet great tasting recipe does not require much ingredients and the procedure is not complicated at all.

This is the very simple recipe of  Euroblog’s Bistek.


1 kilo beef sirloin, thinly sliced
2/3 cup soy sauce
2 piece lemon or  6 pieces calamansi
1  tsp ground black pepper
5 cloves garlic, crushed
2 large onion, sliced into rings or desired
5 tbsp cooking oil
salt to taste (you can also try to add 1 spoon of brown sugar to enhance flavor)
1 bell pepper and 3 stems of onion leaves to add flavors and colors

This is how I actually Prepare my Own Bistek which is not really complicated.

    • Marinade beef in soy sauce, lemon (or calamansi), and ground black pepper for at least 1 hour
    • Heat the cooking oil in a pan then stir fry the garlic until it is brown then add the half of the sliced onion until the texture becomes soft.
    • Add the marinated beef (including the marinate) until it is soft and tender and brown enough.
    • Add  the sliced bell pepper and  mix it in a minute or two.
    • Add  water as needed.
    • Add salt according to your taste.
    • When serving in a bowl, put the other half of the fresh sliced onions and onion leaves on top of the tender meat.
    • Serve hot. Share and Enjoy!

Try  Euroblog’s  delicious  Pinoy Bistek  Recipe and let me know what you think. Cheers!


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