That Long Land Trip from Germany to Spain

I am finally back here! It is quite a long time since I was away in this blog. This will just be a short update. Last Saturday, when I attended a friend’s birthday celebration in Amberg most of us were talking about travels. One of the guests mentioned that she wants to go for a trip to Spain, France and Monaco. Why not? Since she lives here in Central Europe, it is possible for her to do that. When she mentioned to me the price for a holiday package in Monaco, I told her that it was very expensive. I also mentioned to her that I found a 5-day trip there for only 299.00 Euros for 5-days including transportation, hotel and meals (breakfast and dinner). Hers for 7 days cost 699.00 Euros which i really found very expensive.

Le me go back to the main topic now. That bus trip to I had last summer 2012 to Spain was really a stressful one. It was the first time I rode in a bus straight for almost 24 hours. Of course, there are stop-overs every two hours which made the journey longer. From Vilseck, Germany to our hotel in Callela, Spain, it took us 22 hours to reach our final destination. I have been to many bus trips but that trip was really a long one.

I decided not to do it anymore, unless there will be some stop-over in a certain place and do an overnight like the other bus trips I experienced previously. The worst thing is when you cannot sleep inside the bus because some people were snoring and some were talking too loud. Some were also watching movies that time. Speaking about snoring, don’t you know that there is already a snoring remedy nowadays. Some remedies include nasal breathing aide, snore stop tablets and this so-called snorestop extinguisher sprays.

One of the things I had from that trip was the fun and enjoyment I had with the group. That dream to visit  Barcelona and Montserrat finally came true because they were also included in the itinerary.  The wine tour we had was also very  interesting especially the explanation on how wine is being processed.

Lesson learn: No more long journey with the bus but rather take the plane for more comfort and less hours of travels.


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