Mild Winter in Cordova, Spain

One of the places I want to visit again in Spain. Cordova, known as Spanish as Córdoba is a very historic city in the region of Andalusia in Spain. According to our tour guide, it is the second largest Old town in Europe and the largest urban area in the world declared World Heritage by UNESCO. No wonder many tourists from all corners of the globe visit this city all year round. Besides, during winter season, the temperature  in Cordova  is quite mild, perfect for sightseeing.

Interior of the the Great Mosque of Córdoba, also known as Mezquita.

How did I booked my Cordova trip?

We received every month this ADAC magazine, an automobile magazine who also sells insurances of all kinds. In one of their advertisements, I saw an offer about a holiday to Spain. I contacted some of my friends if they wanted to go with me in that travel. Two were interested but only my lovely friend,  Joy booked that trip with me.

It was not quite expensive. It was a 7-day trip including the flight, bus transportation to many places in Spain especially in Andalusia, hotel accommodation (we stayed in 4-star hotels), meals (breakfast and dinner), tour guides and most of the entrances to many museums and sights. For only 598.00 Euros, I already found it cheap. We only paid extra, I guess 80.00 Euros for a trip to Madrid and a night sightseeing in El Albayzin with Flamenco dance and a glass of wine.

The Puente Romano, a Roman-style bridge over the shallow Guadalquivir River that was once the main crossing over the river, securing Cordoba’s importance to the region.

From Granada to Cordova

It was a long trip that day. We have to set the alarm at 5:30 AM because breakfast will be at 6:30 AM. After taking the breakfast, we went back to our room to brush our teeth, do some personal business in the washroom and get our bags. It was quite a long trip of over 3 hours. It was all worth it because the scenery from Granada to Cordoba was quite interesting with all those hectares of plantations of olive trees. Thanks God we arrived Granada safely.

Sights we experienced

You can see one of the images I posted here about the interior of Mezquita.  This is the most famous  attraction in Cordoba and a truly must-see building.  The building is full of history and beauty – you’ll want to give yourself at least a couple of hours to do it justice. I ma glad to explore the interior of this architecture.

I can’t imagine walking on Puente Romano, or the Roman  bridge. It was like going back to the past seeing this magnificent bridge that crosses Guadalquivir River. The entrance to the bridge is marked by a triumphal arch and an adjacent single-column monument and it crosses to an old fortified gate, now a museum.

A walk on Calle de las Flores was also another highlight of that sightseeing. The La Sinagoga or Synagogue, the Plaza del Potro, Puerta del Puente are some of the sights we experience in that city.

If given the chance in the future, I still want to visit Cordova again. It is indeed a historic city worth to visit.

I guess, that is all for now. See you in my next travel updates.


4 Responses to “Mild Winter in Cordova, Spain”

  1. Mommy Maye Says:

    You are lucky to visit beautiful places. If there’s something missing in my life that’s travelling. I hope I can do it in the future.

  2. Liz Says:

    Spain is so beautiful and there are so many places to explore. I hope I’d be able to visit Spain in the future and I hope it’s soon. 🙂

  3. Smith Says:

    Beautiful places around Spain. Nice post! love to read your blog. Would love to see more.

  4. Chubskulit Rose Says:

    You are one lucky lady sis to be able to travel around the world.


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