Calella By Night

I can feel the September weather! Yes, the beginning of the BER months is finally here! I can feel it when the temperature during the night gets a bit chilly. Don’t forget to bring your jacket if you are going out during the night. In the Northern hemisphere, the beginning of the meteorological autumn is on the 1st of September. This is maybe the reason why it gets  a bit colder because summer is almost ending and fall or autumn is about to begin!

Let’s go back to Calella now! Its been over a year since I visited this famous seaside town located on the Costa del Maresme in Catalonia, Spain. I was invited by friends to have a trip to Catalonia last summer 2012. Since Barcelona was included in that 4-days trip, I decided to joined them.

A bridge in Calella during our night sightseeing.

It was a very memorable trip I had in this part of Spain. Every night, we go out to have some sightseeing around.  After that, we sat down in one of the bars or restaurants near our hotel  to sip a glass of sangria. I cannot forget the fun I had with friends during that trip. Our hotel is  located in the town center which is very accessible to many stores, restaurants, bars and it is only a few minutes walk to the beach.

A street in Calella by night. Taken last July 2012.

There are also kiosks and bars along the beach and there are always live bands  playing there. It was summer in July 2012 during our visit. I am not  quite sure if they also played during winter season.

The beach at Calella is a public beach popular in the summer months with locals and tourists. The beach is just over 2km long and its southern stretch is quieter than the central and northern portions. If you are bored in your beach life, you can also take a train or bus going to Barcelona which is about 60 kilometers from  Calella.

I had a great time during  our  trip to  this town in Catalonia.


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  1. Pretty Kat Says:

    oi..mao diay ni ang yutang natawhan sa ako great grandfather. ako great grandfather kay Spanish, lagot ko..wa jud ko kakuha sa iya ilong ug height.. ako mga cousins nga lalaki noon maoy tag-as ilong… ako mama, mestesa, tangkad ug taas ilong pod… wa jud tawon ko naliwat… aww ang ako ray nakuha kay skin and eye color ra…hehe

    thanks sa virtual tour.. hehe


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