Six of my favourite workout classes

I suppose you could say that I had a bit of trouble with finding a title for this article. I’m not the most inspiring person when it comes to physical fitness. I don’t wake up every morning at 5am to go to the gym, and I don’t always enjoy it when I do make an appearance (often late at night… after consuming something deep fried or covered in chocolate.)

But, ‘favourite classes’ don’t have to be classes that you absolutely love and that cause you no physical pain at all the next morning. They are the classes that push you, but that you can still find moments of enjoyment in. So, on that note, here are six of my favourite workout classes:


Spin classes are often forgotten in this day and age of wiz-bang, Latin-flavour, cardio-convulsing workouts. But sometimes it’s nice to just go back to basics. You. An exercise bike. Some music to keep time to. My tip for spin classes is to see if you gym runs different classes for different skill levels, because there’s a big difference between half an hour of 15km/h and 20km/h intervals, and being strapped into a machine racing at 25km/h with sandbags on your feet. But if your gym only offers the latter, the good thing about a spin class is that if you take a break, or need to go a little slow, you’re not inconveniencing anyone else in the class, because you’re all doing your own thing on your own bike.


No, I’m not talking booty-shaking Zumba. Just dance. Jazz, ballet, contemporary, these classes are so often underestimated. Traditional dance offers a great workout for your core (if you don’t believe me, stand with your feet flat on the floor, kick your right leg up and keep it suspended in the air. Feel your tummy working?).

Bikram Yoga

Note: you should never attend your first Bikram Yoga class with anyone you know. Or even in a suburb in which anyone you know lives…because this class is definitely not for the vain. The temperature in the room is hot, and you are going to sweat in this yoga class. A lot. But, on the plus side, I always find that the warm room helps you to limber up more quickly, and definitely prevents sore muscles the next day.

Body Pump

Combining aerobics with weights, I find that Body Pump is a good all over body workout that doesn’t leave you dead on the gym floor. This workout is perfect for people who haven’t done much weight training before, as the weights used are relatively light, and the instructor will be able to show you proper weight lifting technique that helps a lot when/if you decide to approach the big scary weight room solo.


Different gyms call boxing classes a whole manner of things, but – no matter where you’re working out – you can guarantee that an aerobics-based boxing workout will be a great way to spend an hour in the gym. I find boxing to be a lot of hard work, but after a stressful day at the office, sometimes there’s nothing better than imagining your boss’s face on the punching bag and letting loose.

Body Attack

I prefer classes that come with a bit of music to keep pace to, because it helps me keep up, but can also act as a distraction that makes the class go by quickly. A couple of months ago, I tried Body Attack, and I’ve been a regular ever since. It’s essentially an aerobics class, but faster and stronger. A great way to tone and build up cardiovascular fitness.

Author bio: Frances Ward is a writer from Sydney. When she’s not taking classes in Bikram, she’s probably snuggled up under her doona trying to convince herself to go to the gym.


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