Does the Dukan healthy diet plan work for all?

Recently I read a couple of reviews of the Dukan diet, each individual putting forward a very different experience of the weight loss plan.

The first review I read was by Rebecca Twomey a writer for Cosmopolitan. She admits to losing weight on the diet but makes the experience sound pretty dreadful. Complaining of lethargy, crabbiness, stomach ache and not being able to speak properly. Also there is a moment where she loses her sight!

Although once you read her story you clearly see that this girl isn’t taking the diet seriously. Skipping dinner to eat sweets because she’s bored of not eating carbs, slipping in a glass of wine here or there and a slippery second week at a festival eating carbs and drinking vodka cokes. Let me remind you the main premise of the diet is that you cut out carbs all together.
There is also a part where she stops using the online coaching tool due to Dr Dukan telling her she has to start the attack phase again after she admits to having a glass of wine, clearly forgot to mention all the other mishaps. Apparently at this point she needed positive encouragement and less of the negatively so decides to rely on her will-power alone. I beg to ask the question, what will-power?

So that’s Rebecca Twomey’s experience, not a great advert for the diet but then she wasn’t really the best candidate for the job.

Now I read John Henley’s review for the Guardian. Generally he takes a more mature attitude towards the diet, taking it on above others because he knows himself well enough to know that a diet where he doesn’t have to eat less and exercise more is the sort that he can commit too.

Consequently he has a pretty successful time and loses two stone in two months, a quarter of a stone each week! I think this goes to show that the Dukan diet seems to work for all in the sense that each reviewer lost weight however one had a much more pleasurable time in doing so. Partly because he decided before undertaking the diet that it was a compatible diet for him and once undertaking it he committed fully to each of the Dukan diet phases.


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