Thanksgiving Banquet

There are so many things to be thankful of in this life. It is myriad and giving thanks each day  is good deed that can be cherished and  be treasured. The food we eat everyday, the air we breath, the shelter that protects us, the clothing we have, the good  friends  we have and all the  opportunities, blessings and graces that we received everyday, are some of the things that we must  be thankful off. Thank you dear Lord most especially for the gift of life and the  chance to see the beauty of this world.

That is why last November 22, 2012, I was invited by some American friends to join their Thanksgiving banquet. This is quite a late post but I always believed in the saying, “Better Late Than Never”.

A Thanksgiving banquet  in one of the  US Bases in Germany.

Imagine to attend 3 parties in a day?? Wow, I always forget the word diet anyway when it comes to party. Besides I love food and  I love to eat..hmmm..Not really good for me.

The first meal was a lunch  date with good friends who invited me in a Thanksgiving lunch inside the the nearby US Base. We were quite early as we went there but all the wait was paid when we tasted all the sumptuous food in that buffet. I remembered the millions of people who  don’t have food to eat everyday. I  made it sure that I eat all of my food and don’t waste it. I just feel sad when  someone is throwing food  and a lot are dying due to hunger.

Without further adieu, there are a lot of foods that were served from seafood to meat, salads, drinks, pastries, desserts, fruits, vegetables and many many more! More food photos here.

Fruits of many kinds  at the Thanksgiving banquet.


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