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“Health is Wealth”,  as the saying goes!  Everyone wants to be  happy and healthy all the time.  This is one thing  that cannot be bought by money. Right folks!

I also wanted to be happy and healthy all the time and I  can say that  at the moment, I am happy and contented with my simple  life.

Sometimes we cannot really avoid getting sick. Yesterday, I went to the doctor for a check-up.  I have a cough that is bothering me sometimes. It is actually bothering me  almost every day. Not really all  day long but it just triggers anytime of the day.  My cough and colds  started sometime in July in which I also visited the doctor for consultation. She prescribed  some medicine. I felt better but the cough is still there.

During my visit yesterday, the doctor  made some tests and she said that  she will refer me to the specialist.  With the tests and symptoms that she  encountered, she said that I might have an asthma. I really don’t feel like  having an asthma.  She immediately called the Pulmonologist  nearby to make an appointment for me. Sad to say,  the nearest one is on vacation for a month. She contacted the one in the nearest city but is also on vacation leave. On Monday, I will call the clinic   because they will be backed from their vacation.

I hope and pray that everything will be okey soon. I don’t really feel sick. I am healthy but only this cough is bothering help me Lord!


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