Things to Experience During Your Bali Holiday

This is the best time of the year to escape the cold winter in Europe. A holiday somewhere in the tropical region of the planet is a perfect destination. There are actually a lot of choices. If I am given the chance to travel again this winter, I would surely choose an island in Indonesia and Bali is my place to be. With its cultural, historical and archaeological attractions, for sure it will be an interesting place to visit. I need to slowly browse and find one of the best and cheapest Bali holiday packages in the net. A little planning for this trip would surely turn out to be a great journey.

Here are some of the things I would love to see and experience in this beautiful island of Indonesia.

Go to the Beach– This is one thing I miss, the beach. Bali’s rugged coastlines and sandy beaches are only some of the reasons why Bali is visited a lot of tourists from around the world every year. Beaches that are especially safe for swimming include Jimbaran Bay and virtually all of the north coast. If you wish to go swimming be sure to obey the local swimming safety markers. Many visitors to Bali got drown each year for ignoring these safety precautions.

Taste Balinese Food– This is one of the things that is always included in my itinerary every time I travel. Tasting the local delicacies is always a must for me. I would love to try Nasi goreng, Mei Goring and Nasi campur. I had eaten some of these food in Europe but I guess tasting the ones original from Bali is a unique experience.

a Temple in Indonesia during my friend’s visit there 2 years ago.

See The Temples– A visit to Bali without seeing its temples makes your holiday incomplete. Don’t you know that Bali’s famous attractions are its countless Hindu temples.

I was informed that to enter any temple you must be appropriately dressed with a sarong and sash. These are always available for rental at the large temples but I guess I am buying one when I arrive there.

Learn and Play Golf– Of all the many outdoor activities, I am choosing to play golf when I visit Bali in the future. A plan of taking a golf course in one of its Top 5 golf courses would be an awesome experience.

Witness a Wedding in Bali– I heard that weddings in Bali have become very popular in recent years. Many couples choose this place for their wedding ceremony or for renewing their vows. There are a lot of wedding professional organizers available in this island. Ceremony arrangements, photography, videography, flowers, musicians, dancers and catering are among the organising services available for your wedding.

Water Activities like surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing and white-water rafting are very well-known in Bali. With its warm waters, cheap living and reliable waves help keep Bali near the top of world surfing destinations.


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