Aiming for A Healthier and Slimmer 2012

Parties here and there for the past days! This is one thing we cannot avoid during Christmas season. It is still not over because there will be more parties and celebrations before year 2011 ends. I am quite serious with one of my new year’s resolution which is to lose weight starting next year. In short, I am aiming for a healthier and slimmer body starting 2012. I just want to stay fit and healthy both physically and mentally to live a better life.

There are a lot of measures and things to do on how to lose weight. I had done this before but I was just not so serious in doing it. This time I made up my mind and really want to get rid of my extra pounds. Here are some measures I would want to do to have a healthier and slimmer me in 2012.

Never Skip Meals

This is one of my mistakes. I skip meals sometimes trying to think that by not eating or skipping a meal, I will no longer gain more weight. It is recommended for those who want to lose weight to eat small meals six times a day. This would help keep our metabolism ticking over. This would mean that I have to eat small and healthy meals every three hours.

Eat Healthy Which Means More Fruits and Vegetables

I am very sure that this will be included in my daily meals. In fact I am already starting it for the past two weeks. It just happened that I was not able to avoid the delicious food served during the holiday season. Fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are always good for the body. I am very sure that I will always include it in my diet. I always love eating fruits and veggies!

Avoid Soft drinks But Drink More Water Instead

Softdrinks, also called as sodas, pop or tonic are not really good because they contain sweetener and flavoring agent. It is advisable to always sip on water. Another thing we have to know is, slight dehydration will slow your metabolism. Thus, we have to make sure that we always have a sip of water throughout the day. In addition to this, I would also want to keep my 1-2 glasses of green tea everyday.

More Exercise

This is one of the best ways to keep our body fit, flexible and healthy. I promise myself to do more walking and exercise next year. An hour walk a day is also good for the heart. I also want to hit the gym or do Zumba as my exercise.

More Discipline and Motivation

I know these are the two things that I need to maintain. I need to have more discipline and motivation in myself. Having such attitudes will surely help me succeed in my plan of losing weight.

I believed it is still not too late. This is actually the reason why I created this blog to monitor myself, my health, proper nutrition and also proper choice of food. This time I want to achieve this goal. I also want to keep a list and plan in reaching my goal which is a healthier and slimmer me in 2012. This is my decision and I want to succeed this time.

I wish everyone in advance a happy and a healthier 2012!


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