Danger of Radiation Around The House

There are a few things around your home that might cause issues with radiation. However, most of the radiation that is emitted is actually quite harmless. There are two types of radiation, particle and electromagnetic. Most of the rays that are emitted with household items such as microwaves, cell phones etc. are actually quite insignificant. Modern appliances are not significant sources of harmful radiation.

The health and lifestyles experts of Love Reading came up with the list of these appliances and electronics.

Cell phones

It is true that cell phones emit radiation. The radiation that is emitted by your phone is minimal however there are still suspicions and therefore many people purchase a radiation shield for their cell phone. There are some individuals that are concerned about the link between cell phones and brain tumors, however, this is a causal link that has not been proven yet.

Computers and Laptops

As with cell phones, computers and laptops also emit small amounts of radiation. Using computers up to 10 hours a day at both work and home means that many people are subjected daily to this radiation. Again, a quartz wi-fi shield can be purchased for these which are simple to use and never need replacing.


Microwaves emit particles of non ionizing radiation. This is what cooks your food. However, even if your microwave is a powerful one, the amount of radiation that is emitted is not going to be harmful, in fact the worst it might do is cause a burn.

AM and FM radios

These devices also use radio waves to communicate with the radio towers. However as with cell phones and cordless phones, the amount of radiation emitted is not harmful to the individual. Individuals don’t need to fear leaving their radio on. Radios will not cause radiation poisoning or any sort of similar problem to the individual.


Radon in the soil is a strong carcinogen in some areas of the country. This may be something that individuals may want to check for in and around their home. Some levels of radon can be toxic, and can cause some sorts of cancers. There are radon detection kits that can help homeowners with the potential of radon in their area.

There are many other sources of household radiation such as sunlight. This is a far greater potential for harm with this, than any modern household appliances. UVA/UVB rays emitted by the sun have potential for damage to the individual.


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