Areas to be Repaired in Our Home

Everybody wants a beautiful, clean and comfortable home to live-in. Living such kind of home also means a living in a healthy environment, thus having a good life also. That is also the reason why we keep on repairing and improving our small home. This is a continuous project until all the areas of our house that need repairs will be done. We have an old stone house and from time to time we are repairing it when finances are available. Here are some areas that need improvements and repairs.

Dining Room

This is another area that needs a total repair. Its wooden floor needs to be replaced with tiles. Since the water pipe inside the house exploded in December 2006, everything in the first floor was flooded. We already changed the floor in our hallway but the ones in the kitchen and dining room need new floors also. We decided to replace it it tile flooring.

After it will be repaired, I am planning to buy a new dining table and chairs and maybe a kitchen dresser or sideboard too.


I don’t really complain about our old kitchen but it needs to be repaired soon. I am just happy that I can still cook there. We need a new kitchen unit because the one standing there really needs a new replacement. Our target for this is next year.


We have a shower and a toilet downstairs for visitors. On the second floor of the house, we also have a bathroom with toilet and bathtub but it needs full renovation. It simply means that we need a new tilt and turn window, bathroom set, new floor and the walls needs to be replaced with tiles.

We are having some home improvements at the moment. Our garden terrace and garage are still under construction. Back home in the Philippines, we are also finishing the seawall and terrace that is facing the sea. All these projects require money and effort. That is also the reason why we are doing it from time to time when finances are available. Me and hubby are quite happy and contented of our little investment.


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