Fruits and Flowers

This blog is happy to join some interesting memes for the first time. In short, this is my first entry for these memes. I got some fruits and flowers here.

Bananas are the staple starch of many tropical populations. Depending upon cultivar and ripeness, the flesh can vary in taste from starchy to sweet, and texture from firm to mushy. Both skin and inner part can be eaten raw or cooked. Bananas’ flavor is due, amongst other chemicals, to isoamyl acetate which is one of the main constituents of banana oil.

During the ripening process, bananas produce a plant hormone called ethylene, which indirectly affects the flavor. Among other things, ethylene stimulates the formation of amylase, an enzyme that breaks down starch into sugar, influencing the taste of bananas. The greener, less ripe bananas contain higher levels of starch and, consequently, have a “starchier” taste. On the other hand, yellow bananas taste sweeter due to higher sugar concentrations. Furthermore, ethylene signals the production of pectinase, an enzyme which breaks down the pectin between the cells of the banana, causing the banana to soften as it ripens.

a party is about to begin here…wanna join? wink!

wild flowers in our garden from summer 2010..seems that the sky is getting dark!

the Primula flowers taken last year from our garden.

Feel free to visit and join these wonderful memes; Today’s Flowers, Mellow yellow, Ruby Tuesday, Wordful and Outdoor Wednesday. Thanks to the Authors of these sites for hosting and sharing these beautiful memes in the blogosphere.


6 Responses to “Fruits and Flowers”

  1. Martha Z Says:

    Red table cloth, perfect for the meme and interesting to know why I like the yellow banannas more than the green tip.

  2. Míriam Luiza Says:

    A decoração com bananas está muito bonita! Aqui em casa não falta bananas no café da manhã, pois é um fruto suculento, nutritivo e sustenta por um longo tempo. As flores também estaõ bonitas, de um amarelo vivo e claro.

  3. Magical Mystical Teacher Says:


    A touch of scarlet, a bit of red,
    Ribbons of crimson around your head;
    Everyone looking for color knows
    Red is the hue that defines the rose.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Scarlet Door

  4. Elisabeth Says:

    The first photo is a nice shot. You got the bananas in a great angle.

  5. Yogi♪♪♪ Says:

    Nice pics and good background information. I love bananas but our son can’t stand them in the house so they are a treat for me.

  6. clavsupclose Says:

    very nutritious! I am following your blog, visit and follow mine 2! tnx.


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