Five Amazing Restaurants to Try in Europe

Are you preparing to visit Europe or already there? Below is a list of five fabulous restaurants that are sure to meet your fancy when it comes to European cuisine:

1) Abbaye (London, England)

This restaurant is known for its Belgian entries and Belgian beer. Enjoy the ambience created by the dim lighting and fine wood furnishings. Regardless of your palette, at the Abbaye you can be satisfied as they offer everything from seafood to wheat ale. It is found near Gloucester Road and South Kensington underground (tube) stations. Although a typically expensive area, it’s not a pricey restaurant and if you stay in a cheap hotel in London (nearby) you’ll find that both experiences are well within even a modest travel budget.

2) Grand Cafe Heineken Hoek (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Though the word “grand” denotes a grand price, patrons note that it is well worth the price to partake of such highly delectable food. An attraction here is the terrace in which you can behold the splendor of the province of sunny North Holland. The vast variety of foods are complimented by the expanded hours of service from 10:00 am to 12:00 midnight. Enjoy breakfast and a late night cocktail to suit your mood.

3) Angelino ai Fori (Rome, Italy)

Visiting the Vatican is certainly a highlight of this great country. You’d be re-missed not to partake of the fine foods and beverages of the Angelino ai Fori. The pasta sauce is said to be legendary as it was passed down through generations to generations. If you’re a seafood lover, go ahead and indulge! With Italy being a peninsula their fresh catch of the day could very well come from both the Adriatic and the Tyrrhenian Seas.

4) Dominique (Paris, France)

This restaurant is named after Chef Dominique Bouchet, formerly of the Le Crillon. Not only is Parisian food a must have, the Russian entrees are noteworthy! Raved for its traditional dishes, the Dominique is home of Oukha which is fish fixed in aroma of poaching liquid. Furthermore, If you’re an avid reader of Russian work, you may be graced by the presence of your favorite Russian writers as the Dominique is frequented by Russian writers such as Solzhenitsyn.

5) Ca l’Isidre (Barcelona, Spain)

Here at the Ca l’Isidre look forward to traditional Mediterranean cuisine and Catalan dishes. Food conscious eaters will love the fact that the owner, Isidre Girones hand picks his ingredients from local markets. If you’re hooked on this restaurant and visit regular, don’t be surprised to find that Isidre often changes the menu based upon his food purchases from the local markets.

The Ca l’Isidre, Dominique, Angelino ai Fori, Grand Cafe Heineken Hoek, and the Abbaye await you! Enjoy your stay or visit to the electrifying European Continent. Be sure to travel light and eat right!


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