German Breads

I would like to share first a story about German bread. This was only shared to me by a friend. Let me continue;

“Once there was an Asian woman who was married to a German guy. During the first days of that woman in Germany, she saw a round- shaped and dark or brown colored object on the table. She tried to touch the object and found out that it was very hard. She was asking herself why that certain stone was on the table. Her German husband saw it and explained that it was a bread.” ….and so the story goes..the Asian woman begun to love the bread!

Bread called in German as Brot is a significant part of German cuisine. It is considered necessary for a healthy diet. It is said that there are about 600 main types of breads and 1,200 different types of pastries and rolls that are produced in about 17,000 bakeries and another 10,000 in-shop bakeries. Bread is served usually for breakfast and in the evening as sandwiches, but rarely as a side dish for the main meal.

Different kinds of breads in a German bakery.

Germany’s most popular breads are:

1. Rye-wheat (“Roggenmischbrot”)
2. Toast bread (“Toastbrot”)
3. Whole-grain (“Vollkornbrot”)
4. Wheat-rye (“Weizenmischbrot”)
5. White bread (“Weißbrot”)
6. Multi-grain, usually wheat-rye-oats with sesame or linseed (“Mehrkornbrot”)
7. Rye (“Roggenbrot”)
8. Sunflower seeds in dark rye bread (“Sonnenblumenkernbrot”)
9. Pumpkin seeds in dark rye bread (“Kürbiskernbrot”)
10. Roasted onions in light wheat-rye bread (“Zwiebelbrot”)


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