Broetchen or Cob

Does anyone don’t eat bread over there? I guess nobody..whatever kind of bread, I believed that almost all people are eating any bread. I know you have some favorites like we do. here is the so-called Broetchen in German or simply a cob.

Cobs are common in Europe, especially in Germany and Austria. They are equally common in both Australia and New Zealand, and very common in Canada. The German name for cobs is Brötchen (Rhineland and Northern Germany), which is the diminutive of “Brot” (bread), Rundstück (in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein)[1], Semmel (Bavaria, most parts of Saxony and Austria, from Latin similia wheat flour, originally from Assyrian samidu white flour), zsemle in Hungary, Schrippe (in Berlin and parts of Brandenburg), or Weck (especially in Baden-Württemberg, Franconia and Saarland). In Germany and Austria, there is a large variety of cobs, ranging from white cobs made with wheat flour, to dark rolls containing mostly rye flour. Many variants include spices, such as coriander and cumin, nuts, or seeds, such as sesame seeds, poppy seed or sunflower seeds.

An Italian form is a small loaf of ciabatta which can be used to make a panino (or panini). In Denmark cobs are called rundstykker (literally “round pieces”) and are comfort food eaten with butter for special weekend breakfasts; some like to put cheese, jam or salami on the rundstykker.


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  1. Josh of Arabia Says:

    sosi naman ng name ng tinapay na ito..mas yummy po ba yan sa pandesal ng pinoy?


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