Strawberries..fruits in My Kitchen

I picked up some strawberries in our garden yesterday. They are very fresh with no chemicals!!! I ate them all!! very sweet!! want some!!! pick it now!!

Garden strawberries are a common variety of strawberry cultivated worldwide. Like other species of Fragaria (strawberries), it belongs to the family Rosaceae. Technically it is not a fruit although it is known as an accessory fruit, in that the fleshy part is derived not from the plant’s ovaries (achenes) but from the peg at the bottom of the bowl-shaped hypanthium that holds the ovaries.

The Garden Strawberry was first bred in Europe in the early 18th century, and represents the accidental cross of Fragaria virginiana from eastern North America, which was noted for its flavor, and Fragaria chiloensis from Chile, which was noted for its large size.

Cultivars of Fragaria × ananassa have replaced in commercial production the Woodland Strawberry, which was the first strawberry species cultivated in the early 17th century.


2 Responses to “Strawberries..fruits in My Kitchen”

  1. Miah Laborte Says:

    tinuod lang noh, wala pa gyud ko kakaon ug strawberry gyud na fruit hehehhe… igno au bah…

  2. Euromania Says:

    anhi dinhi MI..daghan strawberries..kaluoy nimo uy..wa pa jud katilaw…hahaha


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