Perfect Christmas Present for a Music Lover

Time truly flies so fast. I just looked at the calendar and it seems that  the holiday season is fast approaching.  I was looking for dates to go on a trip again. Thanks goodness my vacation leave is finally approved. I got the confirmation last Friday. I was so happy after hearing from it. There are already targeted places for me to visit. I will decide on this before the week ends. (more…)


Visit to the Music Store in Salzburg

I am trying to remember how many times did I visited Salzburg already. My first visit was in summer 2007 and the the year after, I visited it again. When my friend’s mother-in-law from the United States visited Europe last 2011, I ended up visiting Salzburg again to act as their tour guide. Another visit to Mozart’s birthplace took place in 2012 when I was also touring some visitors from the US. Now, I am thinking if I quit my job and act as a tour guide here in Europe since I have been to most of the cities and countries here. lolz! Just kidding folks.

Guitars of all kinds  at the music store in Salzburg.


That Long Land Trip from Germany to Spain

I am finally back here! It is quite a long time since I was away in this blog. This will just be a short update. Last Saturday, when I attended a friend’s birthday celebration in Amberg most of us were talking about travels. One of the guests mentioned that she wants to go for a trip to Spain, France and Monaco. Why not? Since she lives here in Central Europe, it is possible for her to do that. When she mentioned to me the price for a holiday package in Monaco, I told her that it was very expensive. I also mentioned to her that I found a 5-day trip there for only 299.00 Euros for 5-days including transportation, hotel and meals (breakfast and dinner). Hers for 7 days cost 699.00 Euros which i really found very expensive. (more…)


Remembering the Food, Fun and Live Music in El Nido, Palawan

Four months had past since our visit to this paradise island. Indeed, El Nido is a lovely place. Due to its “extraordinary natural splendor and ecosystem, it is the Best Beach and Island destination in the Philippines according to CNNGo.

Dinner at the beach in El Nido, Palawan plus live bands and nature, what else can you ask for?

I did not regret visiting this island and I truly enjoyed it much. Some of the things I love there were the foods especially the seafoods, the dinner along the beach while listening to the live music, the fine while sand beaches and also the amazing beauty of nature around. I also had fun listening to the live bands during those nights when we stayed there. There were these so-called Hot Deals every now and then.

If you are visiting Philippines in the future, don’t miss this beautiful and most famous  island  in the country. Have fun and safe travels too!


Important Equipment for Delivery Businesses

LV.euroblog.8.14.covertex-pizzabags2Those in the restaurant industry know how important it is to get hot food to customers while it is still hot. When it comes to delivery, the same principle applies. Your customers will expect their food to be delivered hot, no matter what factors may lead it to cool quickly during transportation.  (more…)


Composed Two Songs in a Day

Hello peeps! How’s everyone doing out there? Look whose always busy the past days. Oh well, not only the past days but  the past weeks and months for now. I wish, I have more time to be here but it seems that time is always so short.  There are so many things that are keeping me busy especially offline ones. I  wish one of these days, I can  give updates  more often.

I guess, I am very inspired last week. Imagine I was able to compose  two songs in just a span of two hours?  I guess, the tunes were not so bad.  This is what a frustrated singer and composer  can do when she gets really so bored. I would say, I was just inspired to  compose and to sing that time.  Someone just inspired me to do it. (more…)



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