Remembering the Food, Fun and Live Music in El Nido, Palawan

Four months had past since our visit to this paradise island. Indeed, El Nido is a lovely place. Due to its “extraordinary natural splendor and ecosystem, it is the Best Beach and Island destination in the Philippines according to CNNGo.

Dinner at the beach in El Nido, Palawan plus live bands and nature, what else can you ask for?

I did not regret visiting this island and I truly enjoyed it much. Some of the things I love there were the foods especially the seafoods, the dinner along the beach while listening to the live music, the fine while sand beaches and also the amazing beauty of nature around. I also had fun listening to the live bands during those nights when we stayed there. There were these so-called Hot Deals every now and then.

If you are visiting Philippines in the future, don’t miss this beautiful and most famous  island  in the country. Have fun and safe travels too!


Important Equipment for Delivery Businesses

LV.euroblog.8.14.covertex-pizzabags2Those in the restaurant industry know how important it is to get hot food to customers while it is still hot. When it comes to delivery, the same principle applies. Your customers will expect their food to be delivered hot, no matter what factors may lead it to cool quickly during transportation.  (more…)


Composed Two Songs in a Day

Hello peeps! How’s everyone doing out there? Look whose always busy the past days. Oh well, not only the past days but  the past weeks and months for now. I wish, I have more time to be here but it seems that time is always so short.  There are so many things that are keeping me busy especially offline ones. I  wish one of these days, I can  give updates  more often.

I guess, I am very inspired last week. Imagine I was able to compose  two songs in just a span of two hours?  I guess, the tunes were not so bad.  This is what a frustrated singer and composer  can do when she gets really so bored. I would say, I was just inspired to  compose and to sing that time.  Someone just inspired me to do it. (more…)


Can’t wait to be Home Again!

Flight confirmation received last month! Luggage is almost done packing! Yes, I can’t wait to be home soon. It is such a nice feeling to be with family again. Of course, I will be visiting some friends and relatives as well. If time and finances are available, I would surely love to meet all of them. This time is quite difficult because my budget is limited. Besides, there is an ongoing project for my little home. More on that, I am jobless too! Thanks to my siblings for sponsoring my vacation this time. More blessings to you all!

Hauz-cebu 10.11-b
It has been over four years since I visited home. Finally, not a long wait anymore! I will be home….sweet home soon!

I miss this little paradise of mine…the sun, water, beach, blue sky, the food, the fun, my family, friends, relatives…what else? Hey don’t forget my pets. I have a lot of dogs and 2 cats.   (more…)


Tasting Italian Food during a Holiday in Italy

Hello dear friends, viewers and readers of this blog around the world! I am back here because I am already back from my trip in Italy. It was an awesome  trip inspite of  some challenges. I did survived  and had fun too!

I did not only tasted Italian foods but I ate a lot of it. Oh well, this is one of the advantages when you travel a lot, you will also try and eat local cuisines or delicacies.


A kind of pasta in one of our dinners  in our hotel in Rivazzurra, Rimini in the region of Emiglia Romagna. As far as I can remember, this is Spaghetti alla carbonara.  Side dishes are eggplant, potato, cabbage and a bread with pesto.   (more…)


See You Soon Again Venice

Two more sleeps and my first travel for this year will commence. Thanks to this very cheap trip I booked from last year. It was indeed a great deal. I am a cheap traveler and I always find cheap trips anywhere  especially in Europe. Wanna bet  with me in terms of finding cheap trips? Just kidding folks!

Cruising at the canals of Venice during my last travel in summer 2011 with friends. Thanks to good friends for sponsoring this travel. lolz! Please remember Venice is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I am heading again to Italy this time. One of the places that is included in the itinerary is Venice. This will be my fifth time visiting this lovely capital of the Veneto region in Italy. Although I was in Venice  for a lot of times, I never get enough of the city. There are still so many things I want to see and experience there. Here are some it; (more…)



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